Diff'in Strokes

One Woman's Journey Through Rehabilitation…



Chapter 12: Two Years and Counting!

What a day! Today marks the two year anniversary of Cheryl’s hemorrhage. Two years ago, almost to the minute of this post, we were told by the neurosurgeon on duty that he doubted she would survive the next 24 hours.

Well…Cheryl definitely proved THAT asshole wrong!

We sit down and chat about how she’s doing, the fact that she can message people now (when she SLOOOOOOWS down) and her upcoming angiogram to make sure the aneurysms in her brain haven’t grown.

Two years down and many more to come!

Chapter 10: Post-Hearing Test Discussion w/ Special Guest

This week, Ally sits down and we chat about all of the excitement that’s been going on. Specifically about opur trip to the UC Irvine HESP Lab. Also, we have a chat about everyone’s excitement for the Holiday’s especially seeing how Cheryl was pretty out of it last year.


Chapter 9: Back From Break…

Hey everyone! We’re back after a short hiatus. Cheryl hasn’t been feeling very good and it definitely affected her speech. She’s much better now and still a pistol. In this chapter, we pretty much catch everyone up on her experiences while we were away. Handling multiple people at a party, going to the doctor for tests, her hearing and the idea of going back to speech therapy.


Chapter 4: Miss Independent… Kinda, Sorta… Not Really…

Greetings Everyone!

This week Cheryl and I chat about her dislike for support groups and why she doesn’t want to go to them. This leads to a discussion about the level of independence that she wants to get back which is good, because it gives her some pretty sweet goals to try and accomplish!

Kick back and give it a listen. Enjoy!

Chapter 3: Getting’ Stuck and Speech Issues…


This week we chat about Cheryl getting stuck and the fact that she hates stairs and throwing a bottle cap is her arch nemesis. Later in the show we talk about her speech issues and how frustrating it is when she can’t be heard, making her just want to say “never mind” and give up.

Don’t worry though, as always we end on a positive note.


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