Diff'in Strokes

One Woman's Journey Through Rehabilitation…


Passing out

Chapter 10: Post-Hearing Test Discussion w/ Special Guest

This week, Ally sits down and we chat about all of the excitement that’s been going on. Specifically about opur trip to the UC Irvine HESP Lab. Also, we have a chat about everyone’s excitement for the Holiday’s especially seeing how Cheryl was pretty out of it last year.


Chapter 8: Another Ear Doctor and Cheryl Passes out…

This week we chat about the LOOOOONG journey we’ve taken with ear doctors, only to have that journey extended even more. We also talk about Cheryl collapsing and spending the night in the E.R. You’ll hear sound logic from Cheryl as she explains why that was a total waste of time. (Spoiler Alert: She’s not wrong!)


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