Diff'in Strokes

One Woman's Journey Through Rehabilitation…

Chapter 4: Miss Independent… Kinda, Sorta… Not Really…

Greetings Everyone!

This week Cheryl and I chat about her dislike for support groups and why she doesn’t want to go to them. This leads to a discussion about the level of independence that she wants to get back which is good, because it gives her some pretty sweet goals to try and accomplish!

Kick back and give it a listen. Enjoy!

Chapter 3: Getting’ Stuck and Speech Issues…


This week we chat about Cheryl getting stuck and the fact that she hates stairs and throwing a bottle cap is her arch nemesis. Later in the show we talk about her speech issues and how frustrating it is when she can’t be heard, making her just want to say “never mind” and give up.

Don’t worry though, as always we end on a positive note.


Chapter 2: Bad Habits Gone and Hearing!

And we’re back with another chapter. This week, we start things off on a serious note. Cheryl talks about her bad habits and how happy she’s not doing them any more.

After, we chat about getting her hearing tested and the results.


Chapter 1: Cheryl’s Backstory!

Hey Everyone… thanks for stopping by and checking us out. It’s our first show! Check out our “Hosts” page to learn a little more about us. To kick things off, Cheryl and I chat about exactly what happened to her.

Kick back and listen to her story knowing that everything is going good now. With everything she has gotten back, we’re happy with the thought that she still has more to go. She knows she’s going to get better and that’s pushing her forward every day.


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