Diff'in Strokes

One Woman's Journey Through Rehabilitation…


August 2015

Chapter 5: Bumps, Improvements, Depression and STAIRS!

This week, Cheryl and I chat more about her continuous struggle with her mortal enemy… stairs. While I see the amount she’s improved, she prefers to focus on the negative… getting stuck. Cheryl tries to describe what it feels like when she gets stuck and we chat about ways to overcome it.

Beyond that, Cheryl has made some major strides this week and I take quite a bit of joy discussing them. At the same time, we mix in a little chat about the two of us having our “depression moments” and what we need to do to not let it overwhelm us.


Chapter 4: Miss Independent… Kinda, Sorta… Not Really…

Greetings Everyone!

This week Cheryl and I chat about her dislike for support groups and why she doesn’t want to go to them. This leads to a¬†discussion about the level of independence that she wants to get back which is good, because it gives her some pretty sweet goals to try and accomplish!

Kick back and give it a listen. Enjoy!

Chapter 3: Getting’ Stuck and Speech Issues…


This week we chat about Cheryl getting stuck¬†and the fact that she hates stairs and throwing a bottle cap is her arch nemesis. Later in the show we talk about her speech issues and how frustrating it is when she can’t be heard, making her just want to say “never mind” and give up.

Don’t worry though, as always we end on a positive note.


Chapter 2: Bad Habits Gone and Hearing!

And we’re back with another chapter. This week, we start things off on a serious note. Cheryl talks about her bad habits and how happy she’s not doing them any more.

After, we chat about getting her hearing tested and the results.


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